I’ve seen it all now !

The guys at B3ta.com are a pretty mad bunch. They’re a massive swell of nutters who tweak, adapt and blend pictures with Photoshop to make them funny ‘n stuff. If that didn’t make sense, just click here and see for yourself. Anyhoo, every week they have a newsletter which is full of funny weblinks, jokes, news and top tips. Last week their top tip was….

“Phone low on signal? Wrap it in a little bit of tin-foil, turn your radio on and leave it near it for a few minutes. This should boost up your signal.”

The debate raged fiercely and comments include –

  * It works by fooling the phone into thinking
    the signal is weaker than it actually is
    and upping its sensitivity. (Freef)

  * I’m a mobile handset engineer. It’s
    complete bollocks.  (Dr Shambolic)

A bloke called “Meak” tried it and said, “It works. Here are pics!”

Hmm.. Make of this what you will.. I just thought I’d include it because it’s a bit nuts… :)