EMail Funnies

Not much of a blog this week (unless I think of something later), so I thought I’d forward on some of the funny links I get sent on a daily basis for you all to enjoy.. :)

The most insane flash intro …ever… Needs sound ideally. The Hoff rules, but not quite this much..

The owners of the KWOON website (nope, I’ve never heard of it either) got invited to go to an Anime/Manga movie conference. They filmed what they saw… it’s .. well, it’s like a computer conference full of geeks, except they’re all wearing costumes.. Hilariously funny. Watch the camera-mans face as he interviews them…

It’s 13Mb, so either click here and wait 30 seconds for it to load if you’re on a fast connection – Click here to go direct to the movie.

Or download it by clicking here.

Bad pron movie titles…

Watch as QPR manager Ian Holloway digs himself deeper and deeper with his sexist analogy for his team’s poor performance. The guy is a star.