Make some extra cash!

So, you’re driving down the M4 when, to your horror, you see some nut-case driving directly TOWARDS you. Yep, he’s on the WRONG side of the motorway and he’s hurtling towards you in the heavy rain! AGH! What do you do?!

Take action, move out the way?!

Flash your lights? Wave at him?!

Alert following drivers!?

Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. you take a picture on your mobile phone and send it to a national newspaper instead!!! Tony Stephens, 25, decided to do just that while driving down the M4 near Swansea.

You can do the same too, ‘cus The Sun will pay cash for any dramatic, fun or celebrity snaps you’ve taken with your Smartphone! So, if you need extra cash maybe this is a way…

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