I should be replying to emails but..

Podcast Podcast Podcast… what the hell is that eh? Well, it’s taking off big style. This is basically a recording – whether it be the latest news, music or general ramblings – encoded as MP3 you can copy it to your Smartphone and listen to it. A few Smartphone websites have taken this up. MSMobiles.com and Mobile Gadget News have done Podcasts, which include the latest Smartphone news and information. You can listen to the “right now” Mobile Gadget News Podcast or the “strange vocal tweak” MSMobiles.com Podcast. Thankfully, MSMobiles.com have now removed the audio alterations, so it’s a LOT more listenable.

Am I doing Podcasts? I’m not planning it, no. I’ve participated in an MSMobiles.com Podcast, mainly because the Podcasting idea is great, and I want to push my Brummie accent onto the world :)

Talking about Brum (Birmingham), I’ll be at the MoDaCo meet, where you can pop along and chat with me about booze, birds and brilliant Smartphones. :) Seriously, if you wanna pop along please do! :)

Don’t mention politics to me. I think Radio 1 had it right this morning when they said, “George Bush?! Don’t vote for him, he’s mad – he’ll kill us all, he hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing.”

Tsssk.. I daren’t say anything about this whole election thing, I honestly don’t know who you should vote for.. perhaps you should play this George Bush game to decide.