Tonight I’ve been force fed Conviction on BBC3, purely because the missus has the remote control. Anyhow, I’ve just been picking flies with this programme. Although it’s a flagship show for BBC3, it’s crippled by a tiny budget – there’s problems with it, such as invisible helicopters, car crashes that are never shown (‘cus it’d cost too much). The best one tonight was when a knackered old BMW smashed into a Rover 75 and ripped the door off. You saw the crash this time – at least you think you do.. a door goes flying across the screen as a BMW wooshes by.. then one of the central characters (Joe) hops out of the doorless Rover 75 … by …errr… opening the door.. yes, the one that just got ripped off.

Anyhoo…. That’s not why I’m blogging – it’s because the phone that’s used throughout the show by Joe, and by the kidnapper who takes Joe hostage – is a Motorola MPx200.. Nice choice Joe!