Pirate radio goes from strength to strength!

Living where I do – near the West Midlands (UK) there’s always been quite a few pirate radio stations. They tend to pop up, then vanish again a bit later after the Department of Trade and Industry has found out where they are and jumped on them from a great height. One, however – appears to be doing really well for itself. It’s the usual setup, hard banging drum ‘n bass, a bunch of guys sat in a block of flats in Wolverhampton somewhere and a microphone that gets faded down every 30 seconds so someone can shout, “Yeah, big shout to Matty and Shell in Walsall tonoiiiiight”.

However, these guys have a website – districtfm.com, and you can even listen to their live broadcast across the internet by clicking here. What’s even more confusing is that, when they do broadcast (which appears to be roughly 6PM until midnight daily) on 99.2FM, they use RDS – and the words… “DISTRICT” come up on your car radio!

Are these guys really pirates? Does anyone know?

Let’s look at the evidence…

Is “studio” phone number a mobile phone? .. Yes

Are DJ’s all around 15-18 years old ? .. Yes

Do they have a dodgey microphone that distorts their voice? .. Yes

Do they do “shaaat aaaats” (shout outs) to their mates four doors down? … Yes

Do they seem to have possibly the strongest radio signal in the whole of Birmingham which seems to reach across Staffordshire and the Black Country ? … Umm.. yes!

Have a listen to these guys, they’re bloody hilarous.

Links –
Listen to their live broadcast here.