Magical Trevor Returns

Remember Magical Trevor? Ahhh.. you must remember it. Just one quick look at this cartoon will leave you singing, “Everyone loves Magical Trevor, because the tricks that he does are ever so clever”, for hours after…

Well, that was a bit “last year” .. I mean, where were you ? :) Actually.. while I’m here, I’ve lost track of the amount of “funny emails” I’ve had recently which have been around and around and around the internet about 6000 times.. Even this long-long-worn-out picture dropped into my inbox today.. Myyy gooooddd how old is this..

Yes, it’s that woman golf player winning the trophy shaped like a big cock. Yes, she’s kissing it. Welcome to 1993. :) So.. where was I ? Oh yeah.. So now there’s a new Magical Trevor cartoon, aptly titled “Magical Trevor 2”. It’s fan-bloody-tastic. Just click here to view it. You’ll find that in no time you’ll be walking around the office / school / college / uni singing….

“Asle 2, that’s the place where we saw the Ragu..”


“You might think that his new trick is sick, sawing a pigeon in half with a stick.”

… Ahh quality I tells ya..

With Easter round the corner, it’s also worth checkin out this cartoon below – again from the infamous

Click the picture to play..

Right, I’m off… off to explain DNS to someone..

UPDATE – I’ve been checking out the new MSN Web Search today, after Microsoft pumped oodles of cash into promoting it. Now, being the juvenile eeejot that I am, I put the word “shit” into the search and got this…

Hmmm .. does someone know something I don’t ? No offence to anyone living in Maidstone.. this is really, really what comes up at the very, very, very top of the UK MSN Web Search !