So, that’s a bit strange then

I’ve grown pretty accustomed to people sending me weird stuff on email, but this is the icing on the cake. Now, as you may all know, my name is Leigh – full name Leigh Geary. I’m a bloke, but a lot of girls seem to have a first name of “Leigh” too. Confusing yes, but I’ve seen girls called “Lee” too, so who knows eh ?

Google, as you know, are a huge search engine. They also have an “image search” where you can search for pictures of things. One thing I’ve never attempted to do is look for pictures of myself on there. Simply because…….. well, I have mirrors, and lots of pictures already thanks. However, an email from “hetis” came through today, asking me if I was a blonde girl.. I was a little confused by this and emailed him back. After a brief exchange he explained his reasoning…..

My picture is on and you can even see me on the mighty too. However, if you do a Google image search you get a picture of me and .. well, the second picture isn’t me.. but she’s called “Leigh Geary” too and she’s one nice looking laydee. She appears to have been in the Field Hockey team in Autumn 2003 at Villa Julie College in Baltimore

Don’t believe me ? Here’s a direct link to the Google Search Results

…and here (right) is the lovely lady herself… She’s also listed in the 2004 team too, although I reckon that Meghan Melvin is err….. AGH! What the hell am I doing? This is crazy.. I’m off.. this is tooooo weird for my head!