How stupid can I be?!

I never thought I’d ever be daft enough to download Spyware or a trojan, but.. yes, it appears that I am actually that daft.

This week the Smartphone news has been a tad slow – not a fat lot happening really. Perhaps everyone has started their summer holidays early ? Tssskk.. a bit of sunshine and everyone decides to take a break! Inconsiderate huh ? This lack of news meant that I had time to browse other sites. When I say, “other sites” I don’t mean “Hot Chicks Online Dot Com” either. I was just clicking around and following links, generally forgetting why the hell I’d fired up the laptop in the first place. However, a couple of days later and I’m suddenly getting popups and search-bars a-go-go. Doah! How could I be so daft!? Did I REaLlY click “download .cab now?” .. yes, yes I did, and there’s DLL’s and nasty stuff spreading everywhere.

Some of this stuff is quite “sticky” and no matter how many times you run the excellent Lavasoft AdAware, it returns the next day with the same annoying banner ads and pop-unders. So, I decided to download AntiSpyWare Beta from Microsoft. Who cares if it’s Beta? I need help man!

AntiSpyWare Beta, which I don’t have an exact link for at present because (rather strangely) appears to be down, has appeared after MS bought up a company and re-engineered their Spyware blocker. I must say, it’s really rather good. It’s even got a real-time checker too, so if you ever have problems with those really nasty persistant Spyware and Ad programs things that never go away, give it a try!