PodCasting really IS taking off!

I’m going to sound a tad like Jacek now, but it would appear that PodCasting really is taking off. Even Sky News is now doing their own PodCast with a very good description about what PodCasting is…

“Want to listen to news and sport when you want?

(PodCasting) lets you download the latest audio news and sports reports from Sky News Radio to your mp3 player so you can listen when and where you like.

It’s easy. You don’t need an iPod to get onboard – any mp3 player will do. The service is compatible with both Mac and PCs.

All you need is an application such as iPodder which you download to your computer, then you can link to the podcast page.”

Even the BBC are doing it, plus an outfit call PodShows.com are selling radio shows for either 49p or 99p. Hmmm .. why are PodShows.com charging ? Well, it’s because you have to pay for the music in the shows. Other radio stations, such as Virgin Radio are doing free PodCasts that you can download. I especially like their description of PodCasting and what it is…

“Think of it as Sky+ for the internet, except in your pocket, and nothing to do with telly.”

To listen to our PodCasts, click here.

While I’m here. I ordered a Dell PC recently and got this question on the on-line order form..

Stupidity reigns supreme!!! If you’re a terrorist, would you click “Yes” or “No” here…?!?! Would you tell the truth ? It’s kinda like saying, “Do you intend to look at porn on the PC we’re going to sell to you?”