Friday email collection !

Friday is always a good days for emails, so here’s a few links for you lot! Enjoy…

A fantastic show coming to Channel 4 very soon. Watch it or else.
Modern Toss 1

I love this one the best.. :)
Modern Toss 2

It takes a specal kind of rock’n’roll fan to witness the face of the King himself in a hairy bit of cat sick. And now it can be yours to keep for the miserly sum of $127.00.

Initially there’s nothing special about this collection of someone’s party pictures. That is, until you notice that the smiling girl in the middle of all the pics seemingly only has one facial expression. Maybe it’s a Botox party. Whatever the reason, it’s increasingly unnerving.

Are you a fan of Charles and Camilla? Get a T-Shirt!

Wanna see this Doctor ? Check out his name…

Right! I’m off!!! Anyone for a curry ?