Round up! Round up! Get yarrr funny T-Shirts!

It’s not often that I shamlessly plug a company on this site…unless..

a) I’m involved in it.

b) I’m getting some money for it. (Woah is me with my empty donations bucket!)

c) I’m getting some semi-naked female dancing in front of me for several hours.

But I’m gonna break the mould just this once, ‘cus I like this shop and the T-Shirts they sell. They’re funny and they’re all pretty much designed by the nutters at

Check out some of the T-Shirts here.. :)

All (

I especially like “Get to f**k”…

..and “Cats are great”…

Click the T-Shirt for a close-up ..

The Bank Holiday is now sadly over. It was especially sad for me because I hardly touched a drink!! I went to a place called Dovedale for Bank Holiday with our Godson yesterday. (I must be getting old, normally I’d just get absolutely blotto on a sunny summer weekend!).. Anyway, lots of hills and a streams and stuff. When you get there people tend to park all over the place. This guy didn’t wanna get his shiny Merc all dirty on the grass, so he blocked the single-track road (as they do) with his convertible.

What was even funnier is the fact that he’d grounded it in the process and when we went past he was desperately trying to slide off this slope….

However, like the good citizen I am, I helped him out by taking this piccy on my phone, laughing, then pointing, then driving past.