This really, really annoys the hell out of me!

It’s not often I get totally and utterly peed off with stuff. Generally I’m an easy going chap, happy with the world and everything in it. However, sometimes I can get extremely annoyed… today is one of those days…

I firmly believe that somewhere in the world, perhaps in a little hole buried deep in StupidVille, there’s a big bunch of fools. Complete fools. Dim-witted, unintelligent, brainless, outrageously absurd freaks.

It’s these people I want to target… I know there’s a lot of them. There’s many, many, many of them.. these are the people who’ve gone out and purchased “Lonely” by Akon and taken this irritating bilge straight to number 1 in the charts. These are also the people who continually line the pockets of ringtone millionaires Jamster..

Oh yes.. I’m gonna mention Jamster again…

Not content with peppering every satellite TV channel with dozens of “Crazy Frog” or “Tweety Bird” adverts, they’re now doing the same thing on the mainstream TV channels… at peak time. These guys now have BUCKET loads of money to throw at advertising.

Why do they suddenly have so much money to spend on advertising at peak times on the most popular TV channels??


Stop it, just for gods sake stop it. They’re crap.. They’re so unbelievably crap that they’re off the crap scale. In fact, they’ve had to come up with a whole new measuring system for crap just so “Crazy Frog” and “Tweety” can fit on!

OK, maybe there are some people in StupidVille, who’ve purchased one of those “Crazy Frog” and “Tweety” ringtones, reading this. Did you pay your 3 ? Did you enjoy it ? Good. Oh, and did you enjoy the constant text messages you got afterwards ? Yeah? All those advertising messages you kept getting for months after? That’ll be because you gave your number away when you bought it didn’t you. Oh, and you’ll be sent a ring tone every week, costing you another 3, and you’ll have forgotten by then how to unsubscribe because the number and the “stop” code keeps changing. Yeah!! Well, at least you can look popular when another advert text message comes onto your phone, or some pleb calls up trying to sell you double glazing or a “free upgrade” to your mobile phone now that your number has been sold onto a million different companies eh ?!?!?!?

Oh, and if you don’t mind a bit of swearing (well, heck.. a LOT of swearing), here’s an ode to those who are thinking of buying one still and those who hate the friggin annoying ringtones like me. :)