Free Council house anyone?

Ohhh dear dear dear… Welcome to the world little T-Jay, Amani and Lita. Your mothers are all about 14 years old and are living together in a shared council house rent-free… and they’re all sisters…. and the “mother” of these three teenagers says…

“I don’t care what people say about me.”

“I blame the schools – sex education for young girls should be better. They have all ruined their lives because they are far too young to have children.”

Sure, yeah – it’s the schools that are to blame for your three daughters being up-the-duff before they’ve turned 14 is it?!?!? All three of them ??? One getting pregnant by some 38 year-old bloke too ?!??!

Young mum Jemma was pregnant at 12..

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Update …

It gets worse folks… oh yes….. much worse…

What a mother they have eh?! Fantastic..

I need to calm down.. hello Keeley! (not safe for work)