Come on, you know you want to..

As I write there are 987 people browsing That’s one big fat figure. Now, way back in December you may have noticed that I was asking you guys to splash the cash a bit to help out with the site. It costs roughly 75 quid a month to host an entire dedicated server for this monster, then there’s the huge cost of the lager that’s needed to keep me typing all this stuff. Added together, we’re looking at a fairly sizable sum.

As it’s been 6 months since I last begged for cash I figured now would be a great time to try and ask for a fiver, or a tenna, or 14 million quid from you to keep the site running. If you enjoy this site then please do help out – anything you give goes towards the hosting budget and the adverts you see won’t pay for it all. Don’t forget that – according to my darling girlfriend – 75 quid a month could easily get me “a new bloody sofa” or “some wallpaper for the front room”.. I don’t believe this of course, so I’m hoping you guys will agree too :)

Many thanks guys!