This weekend I have been mostly…

Getting drunk, very very drunk. Well, what else can you do in this weather ? When people invite you to their barbeques and ply you with free lager, it’s not too surprising that I tend to fall off the wagon! :)

Saturday was fairly warm – a nice 30 degrees C. I spent most of the day looking for Fathers Day gifts, although I did see quite a few “near misses” as I drove into town. My mate at work calls this weather “Shunt Weather” – mainly because most male drivers are a tad pre-occupied with the scantily-clad ladies walking up and down the pavements.

After getting my Fathers Day stuff I went to a barbeque, which was one of many millions being held on Saturday by the smell of it. I got absolutely trolleyed in a big way on the free booze and we walked home at about midnight.

Sunday was much the same. We collected a carpet and then spent an hour or two in the garden before attending barbeque number two (you can’t do too much with your days when you clamber out of bed at 11AM) ;) Again I got quite pissed, but not to the extent of Saturday – as I’m typing this at 11.20pm on Sunday night.. and there’s not too many spelling mistakes as far as I can see :)

As far as I’m concerned, I wish it could be 36 degrees C every day! This is just right! :)