is coming back

US Smartphone site Mobile Gadget News has suffered a bit of late and has been knocked off line for quite a considerable length of time. However, it’s now almost back to full force. The forum is restored and they’re online again. There’s just some portal and blogs stuff to do.

Running a website – a biggy – can be a right old ball-ache at times, especially when you’re as slap-dash and care-free as I used to be. Yes – I used to be. CoolSmartPhone used to run on Frontpage which – to be honest – isn’t that brilliant for running a large site. In fact, whilst Frontpage is great to get you started with web-design, you’ll never, ever, ever use it ever again because it’s toilet for doing anything remotely complex. I’ve now had to learn PHP, MySQL, scripting, backups, cron jobs, server hosting and all sorts of incredibly boring cobblers that keeps a site of this size and nature running.

Dunno ReAlLy what I’m saying here as I’ve cut down on the drinking recently and tonight I’ve had several so I’m completely wasted. :)

By the way.. I’d just like to respond to this by saying…