Another Friday E-Mail

After this roller-coaster of a week it’s great to see the weekend in sight. To ease you into the weekend I’ve got my usual “robbed from” links..


At school the rumour always went that if you put mains voltage across a sausage, the current passing through would cause it to cook. Twelve years later we tried it in my back garden. The theory was that, as it cooked, it dried out thus increasing in resistance. So, when it was no longer conducting, it would be ready to eat.”

As you can see, the results are a little different to the myth. But they show promise. Don’t try this, else you’ll probably blow something up.

The Electric Sausage


Two little boys helping the celebrations for Children’s Day. At the peak of the event they release a dove to soar away gracefully into the sunny Russian skies. Er, unfortunately their white-knuckled stress grip doesn’t leave the bird feeling much like flying…

Fly Bird Fly!!


Rather disturbing series of images of child beauty pageant contestants. Freakily, they’ve been absolutely airbrushed to death – to the point that they look almost like peculiar dolls. Brr. Nasty.

What the hell?!


“We decided to order a pizza using a digital voice box from our computer. The silly buggers played along…” The laughs come early in this long item and the bit with the phone number made us very happy. Got a bit bored with the rest though…

Crank Pizza Call


Great bit of creative vandalism, as a bunch of giggling blokes scramble the letters on a garage display board to show an entirely different kind of message. Their gleeful tittering is really what makes this so good.

Letter Scrambling


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