Thanks TomTom! Doah!

I had a rather interesting journey to work this morning. After hitting traffic I decided to ask TomTom to “find alternative”, which it did. However, after going past all the traffic with a rather smug grin I found TomTom directing me up a road which was rapidly narrowing from two lanes, to one, then into a dirt-track going underneath the M6, then a muddy mess which was only just bigger than a footpath. In fact, after bottoming the car several times and with no way of turning around, I ended up limping into work at about 3mph. The road in question is here and is looks like any other country road in the area. However, it’s not. Time to get a 4×4 I think…

The pot-holes on this road… well, I say “pot holes” and “road”, but what I actually mean is 4-metre wide ditches within the mud and soil … were bloody difficult to navigate, and it was one of those roads that got progressively worse. I thought it’d suddenly get better, but how wrong I was!

I wish there was a way – in TomTom – to send feedback. Like “road impassable” or “new road” perhaps ?

Just a thought..

To make matters worse, just last night I went to the pub. It was another hot day here and I was desperately in need of a beer. After spending a couple of hours playing on the swings at the local park (with my godson, not me you understand yes ?) I arrived late at the pub…

“Pint of Fosters please”

“Sorry mate, the electric is playing up, all the pumps are off”

NOOoooooooooooooooooooooOoooooooo!!! I was condemned to drinking ruddy Budweiser, which I can’t stand. :( It wasn’t a joke either – I found out shortly after when all the lights went out and some electrician dude walked past with a torch :( Sob… :(