FHM.com MMS Gallery

I see that FHM have started an “MMS Gallery” here. Being FHM, people have sent in funny pictures (you send a picture message to a special FHM mobile, then it goes on the web), plus.. of course.. pictures of their girlfriends / wives in various states of undress. There’s plenty of “Not Safe For Work” pictures on there too.

Hmmm.. I wonder how these pictures were taken ? Sure, there’s a few pictures taken by the lovely ladies themselves which I presume they took because they want to be on the internet, or they’ve taken a “saucy shot” to send to their boyfriend, who’s then sent it into the FHM MMS Gallery. I’m sure thought that some of the pictures have been taken by their boyfriends / husbands… I can just imagine the conversation now…

“Say honey, why don’t I take a photo of you on my phone while you’re in the shower there?”

“Sure, but don’t show your friends or anything yeah?”

“Oh no, it’s just so I can see you when I’m away at work”

“Oh, Ok”

Click, send. (Wait 5 seconds) – BANG! It’s on the internet for all to see – and indeed rate!

Ahhh well.. oh oh.. I forgot to mention, I looked at the mobile version of CoolSmartPhone today and noticed a huge amount of dead links (add in mobile.coolsmartphone.com as a favourite on your phone now!)… however, this is all fixed now! Huzzaaa..

Right.. where was I….