The Mini Adventure Begins

A busy weekend and a very expensive one too. The missus has told me about a rather strange “noise” that she heard whilst driving her Corsa the other day. In fact, after driving it, I couldn’t hear anything. Seemed fine to me. Anyhow, she decided that this weekend we would “look” for a new car for her. To be honest, she does need one. Plus, we’ve been putting it off for a couple of months. You may remember the last time we looked at one. Well, we decided to have a look again at the BMW Mini. We had a look at one yesterday that was in our price range, which was nice and everything… we even test drove it. We went home to discuss it and she decided to have it.

So today we went back to pay a deposit. I spotted another one, same colour – just no British flag on the roof. Oh, and it was a Cooper S. Just to compare (what a daft idea, I think we knew which one was going to impress us more), we decided to test drive the Cooper S. The one we saw yesterday, and decided to buy, was a Cooper. The salesman we saw today wasn’t the same guy. In fact, the guy today admitted to being in the job for a mere few days. The guy came with us. He was doing fine until he did something incredibly stupid. Yes, he decided to say…

“We’ve just got to get some fuel, then you can boot it up the dual carriageway”

.. oh dear oh dear….. Now, normally if this salesman was to say “boot it” to any other woman in the world, they might just laugh a little and continue to drive normally….

…not my missus..

After pulling away from the lights, we’re doing 45mph … in first gear. She slaps it into second and we’re flinging past 70mph before I remind her of the speed limit… oh, and the bend.. coming up. The salesman put one hand on the dash, then Em curved around the corner without battering an eyelid. This, for me is pretty normal every day stuff, however the salesman now had his other hand on the side of the seat.

Things didn’t get much better when I decided to have a go either. A 6-speed box, 163bhp .. I was right at home.. except, this was a tiny car in comparison. Light but tough, and power pulling from the front instead of pushing from the back.

So we got back. The salesman couldn’t wait to get out.

We discussed it, we decided that we couldn’t really afford this Cooper S. We decided that it was too fast for Emily. We decided that it was impractical, too high up the insurance group “ladder” and probably not the most sensible purchase in the world.


We bought it . :)