Podcasting makes it into the dictionary

Both “Podcast” and “phishing” have made it to the Oxford English dictionary today. Podcasts and podcasting has exploded of late and is proving popular with the iPod generation. These pre-recorded MP3 “radio” shows can be downloaded to your iPod or Windows Smartphone so that you can listen at any time of the day or night – when YOU have time. Podcasting is proving popular due to the increasingly scattered pattern of free time that people have.

“Phishing”, where fake emails try to nab your bank or PayPal details, has grown just as rapidly unfortunately. :(

Other words added today include ..

– “Lush” – Very good, nice.
– “Chav” – One of those muppets in tracksuits and caps. (Example on right!)
– “Chugger” – A person who approaches passers-by in the street looking for donations – a mixture of charity and mugger.

Plus many more! Check this news story for the full list.

Link – BBC News