Lee Evans last night … :)

We went to see Lee Evans last night at the Stafford Gatehouse. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life. :) We’ve seen him previously, but this was all-new material that he’s trying out before starting his new XL Tour across the UK. Stafford is one of the first smaller theatres where he’s doing work in progress.

Fantastic work Mr Evans. I love how honest he was. “Thanks for coming tonight, I’m just trying out some new stuff, and it obviously needs some major alterations” .. I don’t think so ! I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life. Especially the whole pebbles, candles and bath thing – plus the lucky rub!!! (I’m not going to spoil it by saying the jokes, ‘cus it’ll probably be out on DVD at Christmas!) Brilliant work!

There were stacks of people taking photos on their mobile phone. This is the best one I got – a tad blurry ‘cus he keeps running around so much! If you were there last night can you send me in a picture you took on your mobile phone?

I think I laughed the most at the confetti joke that Lee made up on the spot as small bits of confetti kept dropping from the top of the stage. Every 10 minutes or so there’d be one small bit of confetti float down. As we all went to the interval he said…

“Hang on a minute… What the f**k is that? (Pointing to the confetti)”

We all cheered and clapped because it had been irritating the hell out of all of us.

“It’s like something that a really cheap guy would throw at a wedding. One petal at a time.”

With the comic actions it was just hilarious :) If you get chance do get some tickets to see him on this new tour. Get dates here. He’s recently added some extra dates too so you could be in luck. The XL tour is his biggest ever British tour
WARM UP DATES NOW ADDED! Autumn 2005 sees Lee Evans embark on his biggest ever British tour.

More info – OffTheKerb.co.uk