Where’s the summer eh ? Fancy living down under?

It’s actually sunny today, which is pretty amazing considering that much of the last month or so has been miserable weather-wise. Maybe I should take up the offer by the Australian government eh? They’re looking to grab more than 20,000 Britons to help plug a skills shortage. According to this story they’re looking for many skill-sets, including nurses, electricians and carpenters. Apparently this is the biggest push for British workers since the 1950’s and ’60s “pay 10 to emmigrate” scheme.

Hmmm.. lets see. Lots of beach, lots of space. Gorgeous weather, excellent beer, fantastic quality of life. Where do I sign?!?!?! ;)

While I’m here, I forgot to mention a post on the B3ta.com newsletter which had me laughing like a child. Sky are currently running a show called “Celebrity Mingers”. It’s all about big celebs who look crap, or “minging” as us Brits say now. This spotted this little treat as he flicked through his Electronic Programme Guide on (I presume) his digital TV. B3ta.com said of the picture….

“We particularly enjoyed this accidental cropping of the title. Our money is on Lisa Tarbuck.”