Where’s the help?

I rarely speak here on political issues. Coming from the UK, we have a government that – at times – make very strange decisions. However, after finally managing to sit down and watch several news reports on ITN, BBC, CNN and Sky News I’m astonished at what’s unfolding in America right now.

Hurricane Katrina has undoubtably caused immense devistation. However, what I can’t understand is where the rescue operation is. Where is it ? Look at the facts..

George Bush dismisses (yet again) the Kyoto Agreement to attempt to reduce global warming a few months back.

4 days ago the hurricane struck..

2 days later President Bush decided to go back to work

30 % of the National Guard are in Iraq

It’s now several days after the hurricane hit. An area the size of the UK is a “rotting, putrid mess” with bodies in the streets. I’m shocked and dismayed about the speediness of the response. There’s still people in the streets without food, water or anywhere to get it from. Where’s the coordination ? At the New Orleans convention centre there’s thousands of people chanting “we want help, we want help,”.. They’ve been there for four days for gawds sake…

Why has it taken so long ? This is the richest, most technically advanced country in the world. What’s going on?!

Mr Bush, you have some questions to answer… when you’ve finished playing Golf eh ?

Listen to the New Orleans Mayor. He’s got some questions. Ray Nagin lashed out at state and federal authorities saying they were “thinking small” in the face of the massive crisis.

“I keep hearing that it’s coming. This is coming. That is coming. My answer to that is B.S. Where is the beef?”

“They’re feeding the people a line of bull, and they are spinning and people are dying,” he said.