As much as I don’t want to really post this, I feel I have to straighten a few things out. Firstly, I noticed that today have finally posted an article about the o2 XDA Exec. It is also stated within this story that it’s “first official information directly from o2 UK”, followed by a scan similar to the one we posted last week in an exclusive. No mention of that though.

Also, after we told of the Samsung i300 coming soon to o2 (along with evidence), said of such stories that …

“there are already some totally unchecked rumors, that Samsung i300 will be available at O2 operator in UK “soon”

… which were actually quite true indeed. Oh, and we posted about this “Total Magazine” article last week too, but no mention of that.. Ho hum…

Picture right from (Bigger version here)
By Beau Bo d’Or