I’m sure I’ve heard this one before?

I was listening to Mr Chris Moyles this morning whilst having a shower. He played the new tune by Rachel Stevens (the lovely lady here on the right) and then went on to say that she should “give up” and that it’s “all over”. To be honest I agree, and I wish that Lisa Scott-Lee would sod off too… come on love, face it – you were in Steps, you had a career and now it’s over. Sod off eh ? Do us all a favour and sod off.

However, I have to confess that the Rachel Stevens tune, which is called “Come and Get It” is.. well.. listenable. Why? Well, only because – for me at least – it sounds a helluva lot like “Ant Music” by Adam and the Ants. Now, whilst I’m sure that most of you will be sitting there going… “Adam and the who?!”, for those that do remember the pasty-faced make-up wearing weirdo from the early 1980’s, I’m sure you’ll agree.

If not, check out this Yahoo! link with a preview of the original song and hopefully you’ll see that I’m not going mad… :)