What a very weird day

This post has been removed, sorry.

Several people took a great dislike to this post. Unfortunately, although we live in a seemingly free world, I had a huge amount of threats and intimidating emails from certain citizens of the US telling me that I must remove this post. It would seem that the activity I was invited to partake in whilst in the US wasn’t strictly “meant” to be done by a non US citizen, and I actually may have even broken a law without knowing it.

Although the original contents of this post are still available on dozens of forums across the world, constant emails keep landing on my PC threatening me for publishing the content of my own blog. I find some of the content of these emails plain disgusting and deeply disturbing. For my own sanity I have chosen to remove this post so that these emails will hopefully stop. Although I love America and its people, certain sections of the US public have bombarded me with threats which worry me and my family.

This all came about because I was easily allowed to partake in activity which non-US citizens are apparently not allowed to partake in. This, I believe, doesn’t point to a problem with me (as I wasn’t aware) but more to a problem with the people that broke the law in allowing me to do it without knowing.

Some of the emails I have received have absolutely disgusted me. Some emails have brought up World War 2, which I find sick and in unbelievably bad taste. So, for the sake of me, my family and the constant abuse this site is getting because of it, I am removing this post.

I believe that the UK still has a very good bond with the US, but certain people have tainted that image for me.