Seattle USA

What is it about this city ? After 9 and a bit hours on a BA flight with probably the nicest and most pleasant stewardesses you could find anywhere, you land in Seattle and find a city full of even more friendly, nice people. Everyone you meet smiles and says hi. Everyone talks to the person they meet in the lift. I love it. Why can’t it be more like this back home ?

Take for example my short journey in the lift – which was probably only about 40 seconds with these faster-than-the-speed-of-sound elevators that they have. I managed to have a chat with a Seattle girl who asked me what my name was, where I was from, and told me that her mom visted England just last year and loved it. If I’d met someone in a lift at… say… the Bull Ring in Birmingham, UK, you’d probably never talk to the person next to you … not unless the lift broke down, and then you’d probably only say, “Let’s press the ‘Help’ button”.. then you’d go on to make a phone-call to your wife / girlfriend about the fact that you were stuck in a lift – positively ignoring the person next to you and prolonging the call until the lift started moving.

So congratulations Seattle, the people here are friendly, happy and absolutely great.