Wear some Fresh Fish !?

I popped round to see my folks last night and spotted some deodorant in the bathroom. I took a photo of it, right. It’s called “Fresh Fish” from Boots. Yes, some bright spark had an idea to call their new company “Fish” so that the products could have really wacky names. So, for body-spray we have “Fresh Fish”. For hair gel we have “Fish Fingers”, available here and for hair “putty” we have something called “Fish Paste”, available here.

Come on.. Who came up with this idea? Here’s the “Fresh Fish” product in all its glory. Sure, it’s a crazy marketing idea. But who wants to smell of fish ? Not me sonny. I used to work at Safeways (before it went all Morrisons on your ass) and the smell of fish on the fish counter at 6AM was enough to put anyone off them for life. I don’t wanna think about spraying this stuff under my pitts..

Oh.. oh.. and what can I say about the hair gel ? Fish Fingers ? It reminds me of the film “Something About Mary”…

…. except with “Fish Fingers” there’d be a guy having sticky-up hair due to … well… you get the drift..

I’m off before I say anything else. Maybe I should try some of this stuff out though. I’ll go to the nearest Boots and buy some, then see if anyone wants to try my “Fish Fingers” or have a smell.