Chavs on parade ! Oh, and Peter Kay

I had to take a sneaky shot of these guys in the local car showroom. I find that “sneaky” photos are best done by pretending to be on the phone, then standing with the camera pointing straight at them. SNAP! Gotcha !

This guy, wearing the ever-crappy fake Burberry cap, was looking – I think – at a Honda Civic Type-R. I’m not sure what they were doing right when I took this photo… they just seemed to be staring into space. His girlfriend, who is pregnant by the looks of her, didn’t seemed to like the fact that he couldn’t quite afford it. I’m guessing that they went back home after learning that their trade-in – a lowered Peugeot 106 with lights on the jet-washers and knackered engine – was only worth about 500 quid if that. I’m guessing about that last bit though.

I wasn’t looking for a car, I was actually helping my folks to look for a good one, however it’s always good to have a nose around the motors. It’s quite amazing what you can get – I spotted a 1-year-old Vauxhall Corsa for just 4 grand. A 54 plate for that money! Now that’s a pretty damned good y’know. Actually, perhaps that’s what the chav was looking at and I’ve got it wrong.. I guess he could lower it, put some alloys on, tint the windows, put some big speakers in, bling-up the inside with a big head-unit and a DVD player for the kiddy that’s on the way, then maybe put some under-car blue lights on too :)

Oh ! Oh! Something else I wanted to mention. I bought this DVD from the totally massive Asda in Tamworth on Friday.

It was 4.97, a snip. I could guess from the description on the box that there wasn’t “much” to it. The running time stated about 67 minutes and the actual programme on the DVD is called “2 minutes”. However, for less than a fiver I decided to give it a try – mainly because it was number 2 in the Asda DVD charts.

I love Peter Kay, he’s chuffing hilarious. His stand-up shows and Pheonix Show programmes were probably best, although I have to confess that “Max and Paddy” didn’t really hit the spot for me. However, as I’ve been to see him live I gave this a try. It contains … not a fat lot. I decided to blog about this after seeing a “Sainsburys” advert publicising it saying that it was “packed” with extras… which .. it isn’t. The DVD is basically a way of Granada TV making a quick buck. It’s got an old “New Voices” comedy show in which Peter starred… briefly.. and two episodes of Coronation Street.. in which.. he starred…. briefly. All in all, it’s a lot of fast-forwarding on your DVD player… I could probably rip the sections that he actually appears in and make them into a ten minute video. Pish!