I’ve only just stumbled across UrbanDictionary.com. It’s a site where people can submit their own words and definitions. Browse to it and put a word or place-name in and see what happens. Sometimes you get a good, descriptive and knowledgeable write-up, but most of the time you’ll get a funny description of the word. As an example, check out “Mobile Phone”, which is described as…

“….a phone that you can carry around, at the cost of making you impotent, risking blowing up gas stations, screwing up your pacemaker if you have an abnormal heart, screwing up your heart if you don’t have a pacemaker, causing brain cancer, thumbscrew, increases the number of your specs, ruins your actual social life…
But it has a built in vibrator. I need to get a new mobile phone, this one has become too sticky.”

I’ve also looked at place-names and local terms, such as “a Brummie”, which yielded some interesting results. Now, as this is pretty much my home city I thought I’d type in “Birmingham” and see what constructive, positive remarks have been made about my local city. Here’s a selection of Birmingham comments..

“….a bit like a bath that’s just been vacated by a rugby team… ie. there’s scum around the outside and f**k all in the middle.”

“I don’t want to go to Birmingham, it smells of wee”

Harsh yes, but at least not as harsh as comments made about local towns Cannock, Telford and good old Wolverhampton.. oooffff..

Check out the terminolgy used when describing we English peeps or Americans.

However, I think the best definition has to be reserved for the Internet

“A vast tundra of knowledge, now corrupted and slowly imploding on itself. Those caught on the outskirts enter a void of stupidity and insecurity. Eventually, it will completely cave in on itself, and then explode with such force, we will all be sent to an information oblivion. Random bits of intelligence will float amongst vast oceans of idiocy, and all of man kind will commit suicide in a futile effort to repent for creating such a weapon of mass destruction. God will not accept their sacrifice, and everyone will go to hell, where Satan will get pissed off at the extreme overpopulation of his facilities, and send everyone to someplace copletely unihabitable, like Utah.”

Link – UrbanDictionary.com.
Picture right by Reckless_Rik