Top Gear (No, nothing to do with Kate Moss)

One thing you really must not do is miss Top Gear on BBC2 every Sunday at 8pm. Actually.. two things you must not do. One is to miss Top Gear, the other is to poo in a public toilets … it’s just not done. Hmm .. perhaps that should be three things, because you shouldn’t go for a dump at work either. It’s just not done.

However, let’s get back to the slightly less disgusting topic of Top Gear. You’ve really, really got to watch this programme. Not for the Top Gear Survey, in which my motor yet again scored in the top three (yay for Lexus!), but just for the programme itself. It’s absolutely fantastic, and we’ve got Fifth Gear on Channel 5 on Monday nights attempting to copy it too.

What’s great about Top Gear is the fact that pretty much none of the cars are affordable. Ferraris, Porsches, BMW M6’s and more besides – all around 100,000 or more. They’re all “reviewed”, however people only watch the programme to see them being driven sideways across an old airfield. We don’t care how much it is, or how it handles because we’ll never be able to afford one. However, it’s beautifully filmed and excellently put together. Watch it, just watch it. Grab your Sky remote now and put it on Autoview – you won’t regret it.