Lost your phone?

Houston, we have a problem. I’ve misplaced my microphone so I’m unable to do Podcasts at the moment. I’ll have another look tonight – it should be in the car however with it becoming dark quite early I’ve been fumbling around like a first sexual experience.

Anyhow, there’s an interesting news item today detailing the huge increase in mobile phones being dropped down the toilet. The water company in Helsinki didn’t give precise numbers, but said that they will eventually cause blockages and are difficult to remove. The story also links to this list of excuses given to phone companies for lost phones, which also lists reasons like, “Dropped the handset into the sea” and “The dog ate it”.

Hmm… This makes me think. Perhaps I should start a list of your “reasons why the phone broke or was lost”. If you’ve given a weird reason email me. If we get lots of good ones I’ll do an article on it and – who knows – there may be a prize in it for you! ;)

Links – TheRegister.co.ukCellular-News.com