A Christmas Friday Email

Every now and then I seek to entertain and delight you guys with a range of links that I’ve had through the email this week. Here’s todays little lot…

(All safe for work)

Here’s a tip for the ladies who wish to date geeky men: pose with some network boxes and the boys will come flocking. Actually, scrub that, the geeky boys will walk over broken glass if you simply show a slighest bit of interest. Don’t worry, it IS safe for work..



USB Air-fresheners, USB Cigarette Lighters, USB Bongos, fans, lights, fridges… Whatever next!?!?!? Well… How about some lovely warmed USB .. Errr.. Slippers…



I bought the Muppets “Best Of” DVD for my Godson this Christmas.. He’s not having it, ‘cus I love it. Check this song out, which you all know and love.. But what a fantastic bit of TV…



So, y’know those Smart Car things yeah ? Seen them on the Motorway wobbling around in the wind? You’d hate to hit a truck in one of those doing 70mph wouldn’t you ? You’d be squished like a prune wouldn’t you ? Well.. You’d be surprised. Channel 5’s “Fifth Gear” decided to slam one into a wall at 70mph to see what happens..

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6605730767077503480. If you’re having problems getting to that link try clicking this one instead.

UPDATE Whoops!!! I fecked up on that last link. Now fixed. You can see the car (which is being remotely controlled by someone in that red car I think) being smashed into a concrete wall. Yay for Channel Five!