Motorway driving

I’ve just stumbled across this site, which seeks to educate motorway users into being better drivers. As a heavy motorway user myself I pretty much agree with everything on the site, although I have to confess that a lot of “reps” tend to be the better drivers as they usually get out of the way of trucks pulling out from lane 1 to lane 2, whereas the “middle lane hogs” usually sit there and panic if a truck does this.

As a daily M6 user I’ve found that, at least in my area, the M6 is the worst motorway to drive on. Every day there’s usually half-a-mile of people sat in the outside lane doing 70, not willing to pull over and give up their “hard-earned” place in the lane. I used to work in Oxford (Didcott in fact) and drove down the M42 / M40, which was much better with people actually moving over correctly , which reduces traffic (miles and miles of cars sat in the outside lane when the second lane is pretty much empty is crazy).

Anyhow, everyone is categorized on HowMotorwaysWork, including..




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