Space Cadets Again…

More news on the Channel 4 “Space Cadets” show from Jon, who emailed in after spotting my previous blog about it. We’ve already shown that two of the “regular cadets” (Keri and Ryan) are in fact actors. Here’s our evidence. However, there are other cadets – they’re supposedly “regular people” too, but now we have more details that they’re not thanks to their FriendsReunited bio’s….

Sarah Cass is another one of the “cadets” who is definitely NOT an actor according to Channel 4.

Channel 4 profile :

Name: Sarah-Jane Cass
Age: 19
From: Northumberland Heath, Kent
Occupation: Currently studying media performance and radio at Luton University

Friends Reunited says:

“When I left secondary school, I went to The Brit School of Performing Arts and graduated with 3 Distinctions last year and I am currently at the University of Luton, studing a degree in Media Performance and loving it loads!!! Im working in Greece over the summer, and I am still loud as ever, that will never change!! I have been working for ITV on a new series called, “Brainiac”, which starts in June 2005, and have my own radio show as a presenter on Luton Fm, a local station, not hit the big boys yet!=) Wanted to be on TV and Radio, and Ive done it!!Hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am, and are all well, email or MSN, at sarahcass@ho**** !! xxxxxxxx”

But wait ! It gets even better. Here’s Billy Jacksons profile on Channel 4 – he’s another “regular bloke” and definitely not an actor.

Channel 4 profile :

Name: Billy Jackson

Age: 25
From: Kent

Occupation: Recruitment Consultant

Friends Reunited says:

“Hi again everyone

How are you all doing? my life is pretty hectic at the mo, after someone stole the idea for my book, i turned my interest’s to acting, i have just finished filming Troy, with my new found buddie’s Brad and Orlando. I would just like to thank Mrs Glean, you were my inspiration man.

Seriously, i have an application currently going through to join the police, i am still playing football, and getting absaloutly smashed on saturday night’s as well as thursdays and some sundays, the occasional tuesday’s as well.”

Bagh! They’re both actors !!!! It’s a fiddle! I’m going to go back to watching Thomas the Tank Engine instead!! At least I know that those smiley-faced steam engines CAN really talk and DO drive themselves around the island of Sodor!

It has to be a hoax – the whole programme is a hoax. Why would ANYONE run a reality TV show of this “size” and “cost” for ONLY a week, and in the run up to Christmas too ? Well.. because.. it’s all a big joke on us. I mean, it finishes on Friday. Done, end of. Finito. Surely if it was “the biggest hoax in TV history” they would’ve got more TV time ? No voting. No huge weekly evictions, nothing. Plus, if you check out the “Space Cadets” website you’ll see stacks of adverts for the RAF. Hmm – some free advertising in exchange for using the old RAF base ? This simply screams “done on the cheap”.

The problem is that Channel 4 know we’ll work it out, and as the time goes on they’re dropping hints anyway. There was even a caller into that “Satellite Show” on E4 who said, “I think this is all a joke on us, and everyone is an actor”, however the presenter didn’t pick up on it.