The BBC gets heavy with Clarkson

Some plank with far too much time on their hands has written in to the BBC about something Jeremy Clarkson did a few weeks back on the Top Gear programme he presents.

Whilst talking about the new Mini – which has been redesigned by the German owners with an “estate” look to it, he gave the Heil Hitler salute on screen and made “mocking references to the Nazis and the Second World War”. Sky News have picked up the story after being printed in the Daily Mail.

He gave the Heil Hitler salute on screen while discussing BMW’s new Mini after learning that the new design could have teaspoons and teabags in to give it a British touch. He then said that they should create a “quintessentially” German car with “trafficators that go like that”, then lifting his arm up and down at the side in a fake Nazi-style to mime for the old-fashioned car indicators. “How about a satellite navigation system that only goes to Poland”, he then said, “And a fan belt that lasts for a thousand years”.

Now, I know about the war and the various horrible things that happened, but this is crazy. One complaint ? This complaint has resulted in the bloody BBC running an internal investigation?!?!? AGH! Haven’t you got anything else to do? This show tests cars worth a million quid, with 1000bhp – which we’ll never own!! This show isn’t “sensible” by any stretch of the imagination and it’s NOT MEANT TO BE!!!

At least the web guys at the Daily Mail Online have defended Clarkson.