Christmas Madness and Petrol Receipts

Today I had to nip into Morrisons to get the photos from the throw-away camera we took to the Christmas party. Most of the shots didn’t come out as either the “photographer” was too drunk or didn’t press the flash button. However, I’ve managed to find a picture of myself holding some beer and wearing a santa hat (right). What surprises me is the fact I’m stood up…

On my way into Morrisons it became perfectly clear that the “mad Christmas shopping” brigade have come out to play. As I walked up the footpath towards the entrance I nearly got run over by some stupid bat in a hefty great Mercedes 4×4 thing which mounted the pavement in order to get the perfect “swing” into one of the parking spaces that were left.

Inside the shop it was utter madness. I can understand that lots of people are doing, “the Christmas shop”, but there’s no real need to panic just because your local Asda is going to be shut for a whole day. I overheard some teenage girl who looked about 15 with 2 kids (try working in Telford, you’ll see stuff like that every day), talking to her mom..

“I’m going to get some extra milk Mom, you never know what’ll happen if it snows. These shops will be shut for days over Christmas and I think Darren (the boyfriend I presume) will be away with the lads again so….”

Yeah.. There’s not really anything I can add to that is there…

Pah, anyhow – I got to the petrol station and put some fuel in. They seemed to insist on giving me a receipt..

“Don’t forget your receipt sir”

“I don’t need it thanks”

“Your company might though”

“I don’t think they will”

She still seemed confused, although I wasn’t sure why as today I’m driving “the birds car”. Now, seriously – if you’re a Petrol Person sitting behind your counter and you see a red Mini Cooper S with two chuffing white stripes on the bonnet pull up – would you think that was a company car? Would you? No… it isn’t. Use your brains love. Sure, if it was a bright green Mini One and had, “RobYouBlind Estate Agents” written on the side, then maybe … but…

..but nothing. What the chuff do I want with a receipt anyway ??? (This is a rhetorical question and I’m not asking for 40 emails saying, “Well, the reason for this is because blah blah blah”)

Am I going to come back with the receipt in a weeks time and say….

“Excuse me, but this petrol you sold me doesn’t give me the same MPG as the Esso Petrol I normally use. I would like to return it and I want a full refund. Here’s my receipt.”

…Can someone do that and see what happens ? Can you ? Thanks..