Stats Scare Me

I have to be honest here. Let’s all just sit down for a minute. I’m a little scared. It’s not often I look at “the stats”. Provided the guys who’ve got my server don’t fly over demanding cash I’m not that fussed about traffic, provided it’s going “up” and not “down”.

Today I decided to take a glimpse. In November 2005 we had about 80 Gb of data being chucked out of the server, in December it was 96 Gb – for the whole month. So today I decided to have a look and saw that – 7 days into January – we’ve hit 166 Gb of traffic.

Oh my good god..

166 Gb ? In 7 days? If that continues I’ll be hitting about 700 Gb of traffic for January. How chuffin’ mental is that ? I’ll be honest with you, it’s a bit weird. Let’s have a look at the hits. 9,986,802 in November. Not bad. 11,025,119 in December. Cool. Not bad. So what about the 7 days in January so far? 5,911,729 … Even at a conservative estimate, if I multiplied that by 4 (to make 28 days), it’d equal 39,947,208 hits!

Run! Run for the hills ma!!!

39 Million hits? I’m off.. Gimme a beer. This is why I don’t look at stats. They scare the s***e out of me! The server is telling me that I’m getting a million hits every day !!

Time for a beer me-thinks!