Sometimes I hate toolbars!

Gahh! I hate toolbars. Sure, some people use them for the pop-up blocking facilities and other get used to them for their daily browsing. I’ve seen people endlessly typing in web addresses in the Google Toolbar, thinking that it is the address bar. If you ask them to enter a web address they’ll invariably enter the middle-part of the address, like “coolsmartphone” and nothing else.

Anyway, I noticed today that Winzip 10 wanted to install Google Toolbars and Google Search stuff. It seems that anything you install wants to install something else so that the makers can make even more cash. Realplayer is another horrid example. “I’m going to install some crappy link to some MP3 shop, and you’re gonna get loads of junk email off us, and you’ll need to upgrade again in a few months anyway”.. AGH!!!

Alexa Toolbars, Yahoo Toolbars, Google Toolbars, AOL Toolbars, MSN Toolbars.. AGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!! This screenshot took the biscuit. If I ever see a PC with an browser looking like this I’m just going to refuse to help, look at it or sort it out.. :)