England, My England

England, my England. I like living and working here. It’s my home. As with any country it has it’s good and bad points. Sometimes the bad points seem to get on top of us, so a new project funded by Department for Culture, Media and Sport, is setting out to identify English icons. I guess they’re trying to boost English moral and make us happier to be English. They’ve already decided on the first 12, which are…

– Stonehenge
– Punch and Judy
– The S.S. Empire Windrush
– Holbein’s portrait of Henry VIII
– A cup of tea, The FA Cup
– ‘Alice in Wonderland’
– The Routemaster double decker bus
– The King James Bible
– The Angel of the North
– The Spitfire
– The hymn ‘Jerusalem’.

Sky News asked the British public to add a comment to the news story, just to see what they thought best represented England…… Ohh dear.. Can open, worms everywhere…..

Sky News – English Icons