85 Million ?! Yes please.

I drove into work this morning listening to tubby boy on the radio. Amongst news that mobile phones don’t melt your brain (although the long-term effects are still unknown), was an interesting piece about the huge 85 million rollover on the Euromillions jackpot. What interested me was the news that sales are going through the roof just because the jackpot is so high. Why? Is 60 million not enough ? Have a read of this Sky News story, which states…

“This week’s EuroMillions jackpot is a record 85m and ticket sales in the UK alone have soared since the ninth consecutive rollover.

A last-minute rush is expected throughout the day, possibly boosting sales by more than 300%.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: “Tickets are selling like hot cakes up and down the country – and across the other eight participating countries in Europe.”

“Winning this much cash could open up a whole new world of opportunity.”

I don’t get it. Were there people sitting around this time last week saying, “Baagggh, I’m not having a go on that EuroMillions lottery until it’s at least 80 million. I mean, what am I supposed to do with a poxy 60 million eh? Nothing.. you couldn’t get a decent island for that much could you eh?”

What are the odds on winning this? They must be a ger-zillion to one. I’ve probably got a better chance of flying by just flapping my arms around a lot. It’s crazy.. it has to be…..

So… when I got to work I logged straight into the National Lottery website and had a couple of goes… just in case ;)

I guess that kinda blew my whole argument into the water really. :)