Road Wars

I love Road Wars – it’s a TV show that’s shown at random intervals across Sky One / Sky Two / Sky Three and features some excellent UK Police chases. You can find a full description about it here at Usually it’s from Slough or somewhere in Thames Valley and features traffic police like “Pat and Carl” chasing some drug dealers or p*** heads driving around in stolen or battered cars.

What annoys me unfortunately is when drug dealers have been arrested in broad daylight – they fight the police, crash into the car, cause accidents and get… 9 months in prison. Sometimes the time doesn’t seem to fit the crime…

Either way I love watching the police driving around in their very high-spec unmarked vehicles or catching utter nutters who think that road tax / insurance / driving licence or actually owning the car is something that just isn’t necessary.. However, I love the comment from tonights’ show..

Police – “Yeah, you’re under arrest mate. (On radio) TANGO X-RAY ZERO ONE OVER”

Scummy drug dealer – “I ain’t got any Tango mate, what you talking about?” (Fully serious)

Unfortunately I do have to admit that a lot of the motorway “crazy driving” antics are… well.. pretty common events on most motorways (especially the M6) every week!

Link – Road Wars