Friday fun links

It’s Friday, so it’s time for a chill-out session. The t’internet is going through yet another wave of “here today, forgotten about tomorrow” sites. We’ve all seen and we’re safe in the knowledge that the school bully is now working as a toilet cleaner in a public toilet somewhere near Wolverhampton. Let’s not forget, where we’ve probably spent a few minutes putting ourselves on there, only to get bored after a week and never update it again.

At the moment it’s and Google Video that are splashed all over the web, with handy HTML code to paste into your site. Poor old seems to be creaking under the strain, so here’s some goodies from Google via our fave site

I’m going to try hard not to say anything about this. Last time I mentioned how strange it seemed (for me, as an Englishman who’s never really seen / walked around with a gun) to see a small child shooting a huge pistol or shotgun I was flamed to hell by all manner of gun fanatics who ended up threatening to “sort me out” if I didn’t remove the post. Nice. Anyhow, like the guys at say I’m quite happy provided I’ve got enough cash to muck about on the web and drink beer. However, if I had slightly more money I think I’d like to give this a go. Put simply, it’s an interesting passtime involving shooting cars with machine guns and making them explode. So, instead of taking your child to see Coco the Clown this weekend, why not give her a machine gun and get her to fire millions of rounds into some cars until they explode? KILL!! KILL!! DIE DIE DIE!!! YAAAARRR! Ahem..

Well I bless my soul, what