I’m getting married soon!

Before I mention our wedding, I’ve spent a few hours “tweaking” CoolSmartPhone recently. The search function has been overhauled with an easy interface into the Google site search, plus there’s now less adverts and less bandwidth-sucking stuff on the main page. I’ve also altered / removed some of these side-panels to streamline things. The reason? Well, as I type there’s 2,030 people online – I remember the time when 100 was a good number! :) We love it ! :)

Now, on June 10th we’re getting married and my darling wife-to-be has some crazy notion that “money for running the server” would be better spent on the wedding. If you’re feeling generous and want to put the “server money” back then click…

Also while I’m here, don’t forget that you can use our news feeds by subscribing to our various RSS feeds. These will update the second something new hits the site. I’m also working on something else for CoolSmartPhone, which is under wraps at the moment but I’ll let you know nearer the time.

EDIT – Woo.. two donations… :(