What the ?

OK, I’m lost. Someone please enlighten me. What the hell is going on here. Sure, it’s some of our European neighbours going nuts with some weird kind of jumnping dance.. but.. why?

While I’m here, the “Petty Childish Award” of the week has to go to ITV1 – a TV channel here in the UK. They didn’t quite realise how popular the tea-time “Paul O’Grady Show” would be, but they were rubbing their hands together when the audience figures shot through the roof. Unfortunately though Paul (who you may remember did Lilly Savage) decided he didn’t like ITV1 and moved to Channel 4. His old show on ITV1 was called “The Paul O’Grady Show” and his new show on Channel 4 is called.. err.. “The New Paul O’Grady Show”.

I’ve only ever seen the show once, and that was on a day off work when his guest was Peter Kay – I must confess I didn’t think I’d like a daytime TV show but it was hilarious. Anyhow, ITV1 are seriously pissed off about losing this show and they’ve not only banned him from hosting anything on ITV1 (he usually does the Soap Awards) but also they decide to REPEAT his old show at exactly the same time as his new show goes out on Channel 4… Oooohh… Get the handbags!