Crazy Friday Links

A few Friday links for you that have been filling my inbox this week. Pride of place has to be this lad, who’s been given a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. He’s obviously happy. Very, very, very happy indeed. I love the video slow-mo when he shouts out “Nintendo Sixty Foooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..”

The police meanwhile are trying new and inventive methods to cut crime. Their latest gadget is a camera that sits on the ear and records everything onto a hard drive in the officers pocket. Nifty or what? You have to wonder what’s next – a laser ? :) Check them out in action here at

Besides cameras police are also trying rather low-tech ideas too. In the local parks and play areas they recently launched a innovative new policing method to fight crime – wearing roller skates. Hmmm… Anyone spot the problem ? Yes, as TheRegister points out thieves and vandals merely ran across grass whilst being pursued by the wheeled police. DOAH!

Finally, last week someone sent a video in to which “got bluetoothed to me on a bus”. It features some kids trying to rap, badly. It contains a whole load of f’ing and jeffing, so please don’t click if you’re afraid of swear-words…

Since the link was posted a whole heap of remixes, re-edits and mash-ups have appeared on the internet.. Here’s just some…again, with lots of swearing..

There’s also MP3’s to download… here and here and yes, here too.. mental. See how far you can get in life nowadays thanks to the internet, even though you’ve got no discernable talent ? :)