The power of a woman

Isn’t it amazing what women can do ? The sheer power of a woman is shown in a few news stories today. The first is from Sky News and features a guy who really should learn when to “fess up”. Last year Peter Aldred, 41, was bombing down the M1 in his Scooby-Doo Impreza when he dropped the sandwich he was eating. Peter did the “normal thing” that surely “anyone” would do and lent down into the footwell to get his sandwich. Whilst doing this he ploughed into a Smart car – not the most robust vehicle in the world – pushing it sideways into a passing lorry. Although the Smart car driver escaped injury Peter still roared off and decided to “get away from it all” at the Spearmint Rhino club, near Heathrow. For the uninitiated, this is a lap dancing club.

However the sight of sexy semi-naked girls twirling around in front of him helped him chill out a bit, and he decided to tell everything to one of the girls. Doah! Surely he should’ve told the Police instead? Maybe whilst he was at the accident he’d caused? Either way, the girls didn’t take too kindly when they heard what he’d done. One girl…. errrrr… “distracted him” while the other helped alert the police. See? The power of women!

Next up is someone who probably would do better in life if they actually kept their mouth shut. Leanne Black was pulled into court after she was again caught drink-driving. She’s only 14 and this is her second offence – at 12 she became Britains youngest drink-driver. She came to court prepared with a box of eggs and threw them at reporters. She also brought along a friend, who punched a camera crew as she threw eggs at them. It’s little wonder that neighbours call her a “vicious little cow”. However, after the court heard how she’d taken her dads car without permission she apologised, saying, “I know what I