Drunken thoughts..

I went out drinking last night, which is something – I assure you – I rarely do (ahem!) After quite a few beers I got in the taxi which I’d pre-booked. It’s usually the same taxi firm every week so you get chatting to the driver.

This week I was just a little bit drunk. We got to talking about the car, and I commented on how solidly built it appeared to be, “Yeah”, says the guy, “considering how much punishment I put it through every day”. This is true of course, as anyone will tell you, taxi drivers are the most insane and car-wrecking people on earth.

Then I made the fatal flaw of talking .. a lot… I was filled with confidence because, even in my drunken state, I knew I wasn’t slurring my words much.

“These are good y’know. Isn’t it right that Audi, Volkswagen, Seat and these Skodas are pretty much the same deep down? I mean, check out the build quality of this Skoda, the dashboard is as solid as an Audi…”, says I…

“Mate”, says the taxi guy, “this is a Mondeo…”